About TFG

TFG was established to bring a respected, trustworthy, and professional grading service to the community.

Our team was founded by former elite UK military personnel, applying decades worth of precision and focus to a profession we love and enjoy. 

The Frog represents our commitment to safeguarding the future of our planet, through active contributions to The World Land Trust and sustainable processes. It is also testament to our heritage within amphibious military operations and conveniently is one of the only animals that can be replicated across multiple colours for our unique grades.

We pride ourselves on our precision grading and stringent standards, making TFG™ a respected and trusted grading service within the collector community.
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AJ Hickman


After a career as a Royal Marines Commando, AJ transitioned into the world of Executive Close Protection, acting as a security consultant for both premiership football teams and British and Foreign aristocracy. 

A lifelong Pokémon collector, he set out on a mission to turn a passion into a business and seized the opportunity to create an authentication company with a unique concept.

AJ built the TFG we know of today, putting together the grading standards to designing the labels, building up the brand to stand out in the market and bring the best customer experience possible.

Whilst he has stepped back from the work, his love for the brand remains and constantly keeps in communications with Katie to continue his strong vision for the brand and will forever be the founder of TFG.

Katie Budgen

Owner & Head Grader

During her childhood, she was a avid collector of Pokemon cards, she recently started collecting again in the year 2020 and has been collecting since, building up her knowledge in not only Pokemon but the wider range of TCG’s.

Katie was originally a customer of TFG and made her first submission in May 2022 during which she met up with AJ to drop off the submission and the rest was history.

As she grew within the community and continued to submit her collection for grading she joined the community team in January 2023, helping to run and monitor the Discord server whilst also providing fun events for the community members.

Whilst she was busy working and helping AJ behind the scenes with TFG she went down to trial a grading session where her natural eye for detail shone through and by June she was on the team as a grader.

Over the last few months her passion and love for the brand has grown and as she works tirelessly on developing TFG she has taken over the company with a driving force. 


Consultant & System engineer

Adrian who moved to the UK with his partner Katie back in 2022 brings a strong business mind to the company, schooling in Business, IT & Management for 4 years he has grown a wider knowledge on the ins and out of running a company.

He has taken his love for gaming and all things computers and taught himself how to code and develop software since the age of 12.

Whilst having no prior experiance and limited understanding for the crazy world of collecting, he has seen the joy first hand from his partner and is slowly understanding the market and the demand from the community when it comes to TCG Grading and collecting.

He is striving daily to work hard on the TFG software and is constantly figuring out ways he can improve the company processes for not on the customers and users but the team as well.



the community team
Our community team is the foundation for everything we do. The team are genuine collectors, who understand the needs of our customers and are integral to the business

aka timbulani


Aka pearce.algo

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