TFG was established to bring a respected, trustworthy, and professional grading service to the community.

Our team was founded by former elite UK military personnel, applying decades worth of precision and focus to a profession we love and enjoy. 

The Frog represents our commitment to safeguarding the future of our planet, through active contributions to The World Land Trust and sustainable processes. It is also testament to our heritage within amphibious military operations and conveniently is one of the only animals that can be replicated across multiple colours for our unique grades.

We pride ourselves on our precision grading and stringent standards, making TFG™ a respected and trusted grading service within the collector community.
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AJ Hickman


After a career as a Royal Marines Commando, AJ transitioned into the world of Executive Close Protection, acting as a security consultant for both premiership football teams and British and Foreign aristocracy. A lifelong Pokémon collector, he set out on a mission to turn a passion into a business and seized the opportunity to create an authentication company with a unique concept.



Bonnie joined TFG having spent fifteen years working in financial services in the UK and Cayman Islands.

Bonnie brings a wealth of experience in business strategy and team management. Many of her roles included project management specific to marketing strategy, implementation and event and conference production.

While her two boys were small, Bonnie re-trained as an early years practitioner and worked at a Montessori school for 2 years.

Bonnie joins with an authentic passion for collectibles and believes that TFG’s quality grading service and 5* customer service, will ensure its future in the grading and authentication market for many years to come.

Josef Pike

Operations manager

Joe joined TFG after a successful career in IT. Since joining the team, he has effectively led the Operational aspect of the business, guaranteeing that turn-around times are met and that our technology is concurrent and efficient. Joe has been instrumental in the development of our Artificial integration software, ensuring that its development has seamless integration with our current grading practices. As a childhood TCG and Sports Card collector, Joe has an authentic passion for our vision and is an integral part of our senior management team.

Simon Town

TCG Advisor

Simon Town is a former Royal Marines Commando Sniper, having served 8 years and 2 operational tours of Afghanistan. Towards the end of his career Simon was a part of the Royal Marines Sniper Training Team where, not only did he teach potential Royal Marine and United Kingdom Special Forces Snipers he was awarded top sniper marksman in the entire British forces whilst serving.

Upon leaving the military, Simon worked his way into the private security industry. Working off the coast of Nigeria and Somalia conducting Maritime Security Operations before settling in London working as a Close Protection Officer to many A-list celebrities and high net worth individuals.

Simon is the Co-Founder of Quickdraw Card Co, the creators of Warfare TCG, the world’s first global set of modern day military training cards. Simon also acts as an advisor to TFG on TCG’s in general, providing a wealth of knowledge within collectables and a unique skillset to the team.

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