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TFG™ was created to bring a respected, trustworthy, and professional grading service to the UK. Our team was founded by former elite UK military personnel, applying decades worth of precision and focus to a profession we love and enjoy.
Our TFG Grading System combines our high grading standards with assistance from our in-house intelligence system. We have gathered millions of data points from submissions to assist us with our grading accuracy, identifying correlations between cards to help accurately award sub-grades.
Mean average: 10
Our highest grade possible. An Alpha 10 is awarded for perfect cards, with zero flaws. To be awarded, an Alpha 10 must score 10’s across the 4 main criteria. Additionally, Alpha 10’s must be verified by a second grader for the Alpha status to be awarded.




Mean average: 9.5 - 9.9
Our second highest award, our Bravo 10 grade defines cards that are of pristine condition, bar very minor imperfections. 9.5 centering could be awarded for 53/47 ratio borders. Corners may have a very slight imperfection under magnification. There may be a very slight print imperfection to the surface of the card
Alt grades are awarded for the following;

For a card to qualify for OC, it must achieve a Centering score of 5 and below and a grade average of 5 and above across Corners, Edges and Surface.

For Miscut to be awarded, a card must display a distinct cut error. This could either be a card displaying a portion of another card, or a cut displaying a distinct difference from the standard.

For cards to qualify for Auto status, cards are researched on a case-by-case basis. Our research team will ask for a range of information and reserve the right to refuse AUTO submissions if requested information cannot be provided, or there is any doubt of authenticity.

Error status can be awarded to cards that display a common error. For the status to be awarded, a customer must include details of the error within their submission card input data. TFG will not award errors that are not detailed by the customer initially.

Test cards are awarded to cards that have been used as test cards across various TCG’s. Due to the rarity of these cards. TFG research will work with the customer and the TCG to verify its integrity.




Mean average: 9.00 - 9.49
Grade 9 may have centering of approximately 55/45 on the front, 70/30 on the back. There may be very slight wear to no more than 2 corners under intense scrutiny. There may be minimal unobtrusive marks to no more than one border. Surface could have up to 2 subtle print lines or very minor printing imperfections.
Mean average: 8.00 - 8.99
Grade 8 may have centering of approximately 60/40 on the front and 90/10 on the back. There may be very slight wear on a maximum of 3 corners under close examination. Edges may be slightly off-colour or have visible specks of chipping. Grade 8 for surface is awarded if there are minor surface scratches or 2 metallic print lines.




Mean average: 7.00 - 7.99
Grade 7 may have centering of approximately 65/35 on the front and 90/10 on the back. There may be minor wear on a maximum of 4 corners. Edges may have minor chipping and or slightly off-colour border. A grade 7 for surface is given for noticeable speckling, colour or focus imperfections, minor wax stains and minor scratches on close inspection.
Mean average: 6.00 - 6.99
Grade 6 may have centering of approximately 70/30 on the front and 90/10 on the back. There may be fuzzing or graduation on all 4 corners. Moderate chipping may be visible on the edges of a card with minor colour change. A grade 6 for surface may have noticeable print spots, minor border discolouration, minor scratches but devoid of scuffing and/or noticeable metallic print lines




Mean average: 5.00 - 5.99
Grade 5 may have centering of approximately 75/25 on the front, 95/5 on the back. Cards that score grade 5 for centering may be eligible for ‘OC’ status if they score 9.5 or higher across the other three criteria. Corners awarded a grade 5 may have potential notching or minor damage. Edges may have slight notching and a moderate colour change. Cards awarded a grade 5 for surface may have minor wax stains or light ink marks with moderate scratches.
Mean average: 4.00 - 4.99
Grade 4 may have centering of approximately 80/20 on the front with any centering on the rear. Corners may have slight notching and potential layering. Cards awarded a grade 4 for edges could be heavily notched with an off-colour border and may be slightly layered. Surfaces awarded a grade 4 may have heavy print spots, hairline creases, moderate colour or focus imperfections, noticeable wax stains. They may also have a good deal of gloss lost from the surface and/or very minor surface scuffing.




Mean average: 3.00 - 3.99
Grade 3 may have centering of approximately 85/15 on the front and any centering on the rear. Grade 3 corners may be rounded with noticeable notching or layering. Edges may be heavily notched with moderate layering; they may also have heavy discolouration. Surface may have very minor creases, noticeable border discoloration, light ink marks or tape stains, very little surface gloss, minor scuffing, or a very minor tear.
Mean average: 2.00 - 2.99
Grade 2 may have centering of approximately 85/15 on the front and any centering on the back. Corners may be noticeably round, with moderate layering and or accelerated rounding. Edges of the card may be severely chipped, notched and/or layered with heavy discolouration. Grade 2 surfaces may have severe print spots, noticeable creases, heavy wax stains, heavy discolouration, minor scuffing, or a very minor tear.
Mean average: 1.00 - 1.99
Any centering is allowed on an authentic card. Corners may have extreme wear possibly impeding on the frame of the picture. Edges may have extreme chipping, notching and or layering with extreme discolouration. Surfaces may have severe print spots, noticeable creases, noticeable colour or focus imperfections, heavy border discolouration, severe stains, no original gloss, heavy scuffing, or severe tear. To achieve the minimal grade, a card must be fully intact. If solid pieces of a card are missing because of a major tear, or there is a major deficiency such as the back missing from the card, this grade cannot be awarded.

To see a comprehensive overview of our grading system, please check out our grading standards.

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