Economy Grading

We’re proud to announce our brand new label, featuring a sleek black border, a high-security watermark, and newly improved rear and front hologram for added protection.

Our commitment to providing the best possible grading service is evident in every detail of our new label. The new design gives your card a sophisticated, professional look, while the security watermark and rear hologram provide unparalleled protection against fraud and tampering.

And now, we’re offering our customers the opportunity to get early access to our new label! By purchasing our card grading services now, you’ll be one of the first to benefit from the new design.

At Tree Frog Grading, we understand the importance of preserving the value and authenticity of your cards. That’s why we use the most advanced grading techniques and the highest-quality materials to ensure your cards are protected and displayed to their fullest potential.

If you can wait longer for your cards, then our Economy Grading Service is for you.

Our process begins with a thorough authentication process, ensuring your card is both legitimate and that we have identified the correct credentials against it. After authentication, our grading team with the assistance of our AI technology, will conduct a thorough examination of your cards. Your cards will then be scored against our Grading Standards on the four main criteria, with the mean average of these scores determining the overall grade. Once the process is complete, we will photograph and encapsulate your cards and safely return them to your address.

With our UK Economy Service, you will receive –

  • TFG™ Grading Systems grades including sub-grades
  • TFG™ Security FROG and delta holo secure label
  • TFG™ QR inventory scan with high-definition photography
  • TFG™ Alpha and Bravo Elite grade potential awards
  • Fully insured handling and tracked return postage via Royal Mail

Minimum 3 card order


Please note, International submissions import and export fees are the liability of the customer.


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