A Comprehensive Guide to Grading Pokémon Cards with TFG – The UK’s Premier Grading Service

In this detailed guide, we will take you through the intricate process of grading Pokémon cards, with a special focus on TFG’s unique and meticulous approach.


Welcome to Tree Frog Grading (TFG), the United Kingdom’s leading Pokémon card grading service. As a collector or enthusiast, understanding how to grade Pokémon cards accurately is paramount. In this detailed guide, we will take you through the intricate process of grading Pokémon cards, with a special focus on TFG’s unique and meticulous approach.

The Importance of Grading Pokémon Cards

Grading Pokémon cards serves two essential purposes: preservation and valuation. A graded card is encased in a protective slab, shielding it from external elements, preserving its condition for generations to come. Moreover, a professionally graded Pokémon card carries a recognized and certified value, making it easier to buy, sell, or trade in the ever-expanding Pokémon card market.

Step 1: Preparing Your Pokémon Cards

Before submitting your cards to TFG for grading, it’s crucial to prepare them meticulously. Here are the steps:

1. Card Inspection: Examine your cards under proper lighting to identify any imperfections, such as creases, scratches, or wear.

2. Cleaning: Gently remove any dust or dirt using a microfibre cloth or a can of compressed air. Never use chemicals or abrasive materials.

3. Sleeving: Place your cards in protective sleeves to prevent surface damage during handling.

Step 2: Submission to TFG

Now that your cards are primed for grading, it’s time to submit them to TFG. Visit our website and follow our user-friendly submission process. Make sure to select the appropriate service based on the age and value of your cards.

Step 3: TFG’s Grading Process

TFG employs a rigorous grading process to evaluate your Pokémon cards with precision. Our expert graders meticulously assess each card for various factors, including:

– Surface Condition: Scratches, scuffs, and print imperfections.

– Edges: Wear, chipping, or dents on the card’s edges.

– Corners: Rounded or damaged corners.

– Centering: The alignment of the card’s image within its borders.

– Miscuts or Errors: Unusual printing variations or mistakes.

– Autographs: If applicable, the presence of a genuine autograph.

Step 4: The Unique TFG Label System

TFG sets itself apart with a distinctive label system that enhances your graded card’s significance. We offer four unique labels:

1. Green “Grade” Label (1-9): Signifies cards within the grade range of 1 to 9.

2. Blue “Bravo 10” Label: Reserved for cards approaching flawless condition.

3. Pink “Alpha 10” Label: The pinnacle of perfection, granted to flawless cards.

4. Orange Label: Used for cards with autographs, errors, miscuts, or gross misalignment.

Step 5: Receiving Your Graded Pokémon Cards

Once your cards are graded, we securely package them and return them to you. Your cards will be beautifully encased in their respective slabs, showcasing their TFG label proudly.


Grading Pokémon cards is a meticulous and rewarding process, and TFG is your trusted partner in this journey. Our precision and comprehensive grading system ensure that your cards receive the assessment they deserve. Whether you have cherished cards in need of preservation or valuable collectibles to sell, our grading service elevates your Pokémon card experience. Choose TFG, the UK’s premier grading service, and embark on a journey of card preservation and valuation like never before. Your Pokémon cards deserve the best – they deserve TFG.

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